Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two Eyewitness Accounts from Tahrir Square

An anonymous Al Jazeera producer posted a brief and fascinating account of "The Battle of Tahrir Square" and what it was like to be in that area of Cairo yesterday (Wednesday, Feb. 2). Linked to the story are a batch of powerful still images.

And Foreign Policy posted an intriguing story by Blake Hounshell, who just arrived in Cairo and went straight to the Square today. He asks six important questions that, when answered, will help us know what's going on. His last question is especially pertinent:
Are we witnessing a revolution, a soft military coup, or a failed uprising? This is the million-dollar question, and one that I suspect can't be answered until events have run their course. Much depends on tomorrow's demonstrations: Has the regime succeeded in its usual game of divide and conquer, or will Egyptians' revulsion at this week's brutality send them to the streets in the millions?
Stay tuned . . . by tomorrow morning (East Coast US time) we should start to witness early answers to some of these questions.

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