Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Student Goes Global

I just heard from Matt Massie, a December graduate of Malone, who is spending a good chunk of this spring semester Amman, Jordan. You can follow him on his blog Living in Love in Jordan.

He's trying to practice a healthy form of globalization--the kind that many Christians have been practicing for over 2,000 years and that I highlight in chapter 10 of my book--in which both the global stranger and the local native benefit from mutual exchange. In his case, that means teaching English as a second language to Jordanians. He's curious to learn more about the Middle East and to share what he knows, and the students (one hopes) are curious to pick up some valuable English skills. This kind of exchange is how the Church has gone global since the Day of Pentecost.

I'm proud of Matt, just as I'm proud of many other students who go out to serve the church, their communities, and the world. Best wishes to Matt on his new journey!

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